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Traci R. Braxton

Traci Renee Braxton was the third child born to Michael and Evelyn.  Due to her decision to settle down and start a family early in life, Traci still searches for her rightful place in the entertainment industry. She lives in Maryland with her husband, Kevin (whom she calls “Sir Rat”), and son, Kevin Jr.  In addition to being a talented writer and singer, Traci contributed much of her adult life to social work for children with disabilities.

Traci studied classical ballet while growing up and is a self-proclaimed beauty school dropout – not once, but twice.  The first time was in high school when she was rebellious and just didn’t want to go.  The second time, her son was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis so she stopped her classes to attend to him.  Traci is currently considering going back to cosmetology school and getting her degree and possibly opening a salon someday.  Although Tamar often pressures Traci to move, Traci isn’t ready to leave Maryland.  She loves the change of seasons on the East Coast, the delicious crabs, the local hookah lounge – and, of course, her husband and son are there.  Traci is the first to stand up for the DMV:  the region covering the District of Columbian, Maryland and Virginia.

Traci has a good relationship with her father and frequently asks her mother for advice because, “Mommy keeps it real and tells it like it is.”  Traci admits that she and Tamar speak different languages.  Traci calls her self a “hoodrat” who speaks in “hoodisms”, whereas Tamar uses “upper class hoodisms”.  And where Tamar says “dot-com”, Traci utters “back-slash”, which means ‘been there, done that.

Traci acknowledges that there were many ups and downs of Season One.  She admits to being surprised at some of her sisters’ “hidden agendas”, but is happy that even with everything that came out, they were still able to continue to love and support each other.   Traci’s biggest issue with Season One is that they had to eat out a lot.  As she puts it, “I’m trying to slenderize myself!”