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Nancy “Mama” Jones

Nancy “Mama” Jones is a mother, businesswoman, youth advocate and mentor. Anyone who meets Nancy “Mama” Jones immediately recognizes that she is an unapologetic optimist and a woman whose passion for her family and success is stamped on every page of her life. Born and raised in Manhattan this inspiring, “real” woman has faced many challenges as a mother of 6 girls and mother of Rap Star Jim Jones.

Nancy Jones was inspired by the world of fashion. She attended and graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology in NY with dreams of starting her own clothing line some day. With the help and instant success of celebrity son, Jim Jones, Mama Jones was very instrumental in securing and financing her first national clothing line, Nostic, which became an instant success in retail department stores across America. The clothing line appeared in music videos, print ads, and magazines such as Complex, The Source, Spanglish, and XXL just to name a few. She was involved with promotion and marketing for Jim Jones’ sizzling liquor Sizzurp, which captured global attention in the Hip Hop and liquor industry.

She is a committed community activist and youth advocacy leader, seeking to further educate the inner city youth with continuous efforts raising money to open a teen center in Englewood NJ. Her Sally Family Day Care Center in the Bronx was a huge success for underprivileged children in the NYC area. She also has a nonprofit organization which provides support for people with or affected by cancer, menopause, and heart disease.

Nancy “Mama” Jones is an established and successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She has been touring and visiting radio stations and venues across America promoting her current and future endeavors. She currently has a single entitled “Psychotic …tch,” which was to be distributed globally by Fanatix Agency. In 2012, she will launch her brand new clothing line, vodka, her own fragrance Pumkash, and latex condoms, also entitled Psychotic and the list goes on. Nancy “Mama” Jones is clearly an inspiring woman on a serious mission. If Hip Hop’s God-father is Russell Simmons, then Mama Jones is most definitely the first Mother of Hip Hop.